Available Releases:

TDR-001: Mary Shelley - Crimson Shadows
TDR-002: Sleep Deprived - Through Dreamscapes (Review)
TDR-003: Whispers of The Black Wulf - Harvest ov Wolves (Review)
TDR-005: Lobotomical Abstract Torture - End of the Excruciating Misery
TDR-006: Psychobliss - Dreams of Dystopia
TDR-007: Endlos - Oktober
TDR-008: stronghold crvsader - Boldly Crows from Gallows Wood
TDR-009: Rusted Brain - High Voltage Thrash
TDR-010: Eschatos - Hierophanies
TDR-011: Demorian/Nocra/Cassiopeia - Demonocrass Split
TDR-013: In Human Form - Earthen Urn
TDR-014: Drunke / TSDD - Elder Runes
TDR-015: Wizard Castle - Snow and Gold
TDR-016: Crown of Asteria - Demo MMXIII (Second pressing in stock again limited to 25 copies)
TDR-018: Blood of Kings - Starvation
TDR-019: Los Dragula - Caminata del Hombre Muerto
TDR-021: Green Army - Reborn of the Blackened Phenomenon
TDR-022: Decrepit Soul - The Summoning
TDR-023: Altars of Sin - Servant of Evil
TDR-024: Amiensus - Restoration
TDR-025: Desecrator - Live Til Death
TDR-026: Survival - Chainsaw Demon
TDR-027: MadMaze - Frames of Alienation

Pro CD-Rs:

Tape and (Pro) CD-R:
Thrash Sells​.​.​.​But Who's Buying? (Thrash Compilation)

Sold Out releases:
TDAN-001(A,B): Eye of Bedlam split (a Red and Green version)
TDR-??? オキシコドン - 喪

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